An Introduction to Simply Sugar

At SIMPLY sugar™, we have combined 30 years of knowledge and experience in the sugaring industry with the world’s leading manufacturer of body sugar to answer a growing need in the beauty industry for a high quality hair removal system that could reach a broader audience.

SIMPLY Sugar LogoPoster Girl for SIMPLY Sugar Body Sugar

How would you like to have the ability to have your hair removed at 1/16”, in the natural direction of growth, with no chance of tearing or burning your skin?

Simply Sugar™ is an all-natural, safe and gentle method of removing unwanted hair in the natural direction of growth. Simply Sugar™ is safe for all skin types, on men, women and children. This unique product is made from natural ingredients and is environmentally friendly. It not only removes unwanted hair but it also removes dead skin cells revealing smooth, healthy glowing skin.

We use only Certified Instructors to train professionals in the art of Body Sugaring. Our Certified Practitioners are put through a professional training course by our Certified Simply Sugar™ Educators. You can be sure that your sugaring practitioner has been trained in the art of body sugaring and is kept up to date with all new developments in the hair removal industry. Our goal is to train each Practitioner to provide a quality service to their clientele with confidence.

You can find our more by calling us at 888-60-SUGAR!