Classic Sugar Hair Removal Paste

Classic Body Sugar Paste - Simply sugar Classic


Our sugar paste is a natural product, water soluble and applied at body temperature. We also extract hair in the natural direction of growth allowing us to extract hair as short as 1/16”! Classic sugar hair removal paste is most commonly used. It has a normal consistency and is excellent for removing all hair types all over the body.

Caribbean Sugar Hair Removal Paste

Caribbean Body Sugar Paste - Simply sugar Caribbean


This sugar is firmer than our Classic paste. Caribbean Sugar is designed to withstand very high temperatures. If you live in a very hot, humid climate or do not have air conditioning this paste is for you.  When body temperatures of the client or practitioner are high it may soften the paste and ultimately cause it to breakdown prematurely.

Private Reserve Sugar Paste

Private Reserve Body Sugar Paste - Simply sugar Private Reserve


This is our softest sugar paste available. It is generally used by experienced practitioners. It works well to remove stubborn hair and because it is so soft and smooth, it allows the Practitioner to sugar in a more time efficient manner. This sugar is not recommended for hot, humid climates where no air conditioning is available.

Simply Clean

SIMPLY Clean Skin Cleanser


It is important to free the skin of all moisture, oil and dirt before a sugaring service.  This cleanser was specially formulated to gently cleanse all skin types and body areas of debris before the sugaring treatment. All SIMPLY Sugar™ products are Paraben free.

Simply Dry

SIMPLY Dry Drying Powder



Our powder is free of all oils, perfumes and chemicals.  It's one and only purpose is to absorb excess moisture on the skin before a sugaring service. All SIMPLY Sugar™ products are Paraben free.



Simply Hydrate

SIMPLY Hydrate Hydrating Lotion

Our light; non-comedogenic hydrating lotion is formulated with many pure and natural botanicals to deliver ultimate moisture to the skin.  Use directly after sugaring treatment to calm the skin and take away redness.  We recommend Simply Hydrate as a daily moisturizer for the face and body to keep your skin in excellent condition.  We do not add any perfumes or irritants to our products.  This is a paraben and urea free product that is skin friendly and environmentally safe. All SIMPLY Sugar™ products are Paraben free.

Simply Sweet Every Day Spray

Course curly hair can lead to unsightly and painful ingrown hair and limit your ability to get the best results from your hair removal treatments. To get the best results you'll need to learn a few tricks to smooth the way. Exfoliation is the key. Our Simply Sweet Exfoliator Every Day Spray will provide a smooth, exfoliated surface for the best results possible. Post care is also needed to prevent ingrown hair! Use this unique product to achieve and keep smooth, bump free skin on face or body.

Simply Tone

SIMPLY Tone Skin Soother

Our toner is beneficial to the skin in many ways.  Simply tone is used after our cleanser and before our powder, with the purpose of helping to prepare the hair and skin. Used directly following a sugaring treatment, it will create an instant relief to soothe and cool the skin.  It will also protect your skin from bacteria entering and clogging the pores after a sugaring treatment.  Simply Tone can also be used as a daily skin-spritzer to hydrate and provide the amazing benefits of ALOE.  It is also an excellent treatment for blemishes due to the addition of the finest quality Myrrh, which is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and extremely healing.  All SIMPLY Sugar™ products are Paraben free.

Sugar Warmer

SIMPLY sugar warmer


Our warmers are custom designed especially for our unique sugar paste. They warm the sugar thoroughly and keep it at a consistent temperature all day long. It is extremely important that sugar is not too hot and our warmers are designed to keep it at just the perfect temperature. Wax warmers heat far too high, even on the lowest setting and will burn the sugar paste. It is very important to use ONLY SIMPLY Sugar™ Warmers.